EXAMPLES of Public Works of Art by Rosie Fierek

2003 The Albaston WELCOME TREE
This is a 4.5 metre high tree in the heart of Albaston, built as part of Cornwall County Council’s regeneration project in the Tamar Valley. The main body of the tree and trunk is stylized and geometric. In the branches appear 15 different life-sized local birds and a green man. The ‘welcome’ ring includes 17 leaf designs selected from 150 submissions by local school children. The colours are mainly achieved by using minerals traditionally mined locally.

2007 The Tavistock CHARTER TREE
This won a public vote organized by the commissioning Tavistock Market Charter Group to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the granting of the Royal Market Charter in 1105 by Henry I. It is installed on a Grade II listed building. The history of Tavistock grows up the trunk, beginning at the roots with the founding of the abbey. The fruit in the branches represent aspects of Tavistock today as seen through the eyes of local young people, and selected from over 200 designs of children from 3 local schools (secondary and primary). Tin, copper and manganese are used to colour the tiles.

2009 Saltash FISHER FOLK
This is a large ceramic mural erected as part of the Saltash Art Trail, and installed on a stone wall that was once part of fishermen’s cottages. The art work depicts imagined scenes from years gone by and includes: seven life-sized human figures, sea gulls, a swan, baskets, boat and fish. There are also community sections of the mural built from stone-shaped tiles. About 60 local folk attended workshops. Each made a stone for the wall and impressed in to it a word of their choice that they associate with Saltash.

2010 The Tamar Valley Line Centenary Plaque
This was funded by Calstock Parish Council and First Great Western to commemorate 100 years of the building of the rail link to Plymouth.  The design combines elements of engineering, water and nature. Also, passengers now alight on to a ‘100’ glass and stoneware tile set into the platform floor at each of Gunnislake and Calstock Stations.

2010 Weston Mill School - reception area and logo project
I ran workshops throughout the school in which each of 270 children did their own self portrait in clay. These faces are assembled in five large star formations, installed in different locations around the building. For the reception area of the school I also built a spiral explosion of brightly coloured trianglets in rainbow-coloured strands, each of which represents a quality to which the school members are encouraged to aspire (e.g. enthusiasm, self-motivation).

2012 Fierek Pottery Sign
The brief was to create a strong visual design to attract passing custom up our lane. The illusion from 60 yards away is that a life-sized female figure is reaching up to install the letter ‘O’ to complete ‘THE POTTERY’ sign on the end of our gallery building.

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