About us

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Rob Fierek has been making pots in the Tamar Valley for over three decades.

He makes a wide range of functional and decorative stoneware and is known to have an eye for a good curve. Expert thrower and modeller, he is also very creative with his decorative techniques and often displays a fine sense of humour.

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Rosie is well known in the area for her large ceramic murals.

Her designs are unique and wide-ranging including traditional pots, individuallly hung pictures, special awards, commemorative ware, ceramic furniture, sculptural containers, house plaques, gravestones, signs, and many designs and motifs for her husband's thrown ware.
She is also an experienced leader of workshops and 
community-based projects.                                            





Visitors are welcome at The Pottery in Albaston.

Find our workshop and gallery up the lane just behind Once A Post Office (building with the Welcome Tree on the side). Parking space is available in our small courtyard.

Tel. 01822 833350